Familiar Condo in Estoril – House 2: Pavings and Fireplace

Estoril, Portugal

Get familiar with the paving and fireplace of the common areas of this extraordinary apartment.

The clarity of the marble Rosa Aurora Light, extra selection, is unique and unrepeatable. It was applied in all the pavement of the common areas of this project, polished finishing. The pieces were all supplied in cut-to-size dimentions, achieving measures near to 100*100cm in the living room.

The marble Sienna, of an ‘old-pink’ background and white veining, combines perfectly with the Rosa Aurora Light of the pavement, and was applied in several elements that appeal to the continuous remembrance of the visitors:  a “central-diamond” in the pavement of the entrance hall, small decorative triangles demarcating the dining-room, and a frontal beautiful fireplace panel in the living-room.

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