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Natural Stone Finishes


a.k.a Shinny. It continues to be the most demanded finishing for marbles and decorative stones. Polished finish enhances the full color of materials as well as their specific characteristics (veining, grain, ecc). We can simply polish or resin & polish, color fill & polish besides transparent fill & polish.

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a.k.a Matt. Often the preferred finish for limestones or simply to get “a touch of that softness”. Honed finish highlights the full color of materials while keeping them matte, not shinny. We carry out different honing grades and we can also resin & hone, color fill & hone, as well as transparent fill & hone.

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a.k.a Leather, Rustic. An elegant delabré-chic surface quite popular amongst prescribers around the world. We can brush stones with different intensities and try out different outcomes. With a brushed finish materials keep their color and structure but in a slightly faded tone.

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Sanded (mechanical) and Sandblasted (manual)

A contemporary soft-rough finish with anti-slipping properties. Sand finishes will blanch the material color and homogenize its variation as well as fade stones’ characteristics such as veins, fossils, ecc. We can apply sandblasted finish on specific areas of a given piece, which is an option of design infinite possibilities. From a regular “striped sandblasted shower tray” to the most amazing projects, a world for imagination.

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Bush Hammered & Brushed

Comparatively to the sanded & brushed, the bush hammered & brushed texture will go one step further in roughness and intensity. Also a great choice.

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Sanded & Brushed

One of the favored textures for a quite soft-rough delabré-elegant outcome. To achieve this combined finish stones will first be sanded and then brushed on top, everything made with just the right parameters of our expertise.

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Bush Hammered

Probably the rough finish with most tradition and a reliable option for anti-slipping solutions. Hammered texture will blanch material color and homogenize its variation as well as diminish the materials’ veins, fossils, ecc.

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The look obtained with flamed materials is often a layer-cleaved beautiful effect. Not all stones will flame, which scores this anti-slipping finish as an exceptional uncommon choice.

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Flamed & Brushed

A great alliance between the exceptional, unexpected flamed finish with the softness and elegancy of brushing the surface on top of that. It is important to keep in mind that whilst the known natural stones will brush, a few stones will flame.

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One of the greatest options for a ‘just-enough non-shivering finish’ that smoothly fades the color of the materials. Particularly superb on decorative veined marbles with different abrasion levels within the stone itself.

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What’s not to love about a combed finish?! It whitens and dulls the color of materials, homogenizing them, whilst bringing forth a powerful striped roughed surface full of architectural and design potential. The space between combing lines is unlimited, also with infinite outcomes and fashion.

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Lined Split-Face

It should be as simple as a combed finish split-faced in between the lines… but skill and practice are always the issue on natural stone products and finishes. The space between split-faced lines will determine a Fine split-face or a larger one, but, with us, the choice is yours to make.

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Sawn finish is the less expensive one and a good choice for exteriors, contemporaneous interior and elegant-industrial-looks.

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Natural Cleft

The natural finish on slate materials that we often make available and supply in projects on their own natural cleft surface. Nevertheless, slates can take other finishes such as honed and others.

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Design Your Texture

Take the challenge and design your own texture. Finishing stone is a world of infinite possibilities. Some of the surfaces that are now taken for granted were once invented and made possible because of an architects’ idea and our factory’s determination. Take the challenge: tell us your concept and we will gladly assist you.

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