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dimpomar team includes experienced craftsmen with over 30 years in house and a younger crew who friendly-uses industry 4.0.
We are efficient in prices, samples, logistics and answers.
We are committed to quality and we aim for beauty. You are most welcome to visit us!

Luís de Sousa Founder

Luís is one of those exceptional individuals that pops up at a certain generation from time to time.

In his mind he is always cutting a lot of blocks or polishing thousands of sqm, which is probably one of the reasons why he was nicknamed “at full speed” by the team.

Countryside and his grandchildren are his passion. Preferably enjoying Nature together with all the 8! 

He is in the company from the very beginning. dimpomar started with Luís, as did Tons de Pedra. Life itself gave him the knowledge and experience that clients can expect from him – always to assist them in the best possible way. 

Luís is our Founder.

Luís de Sousa Send E-mail
Margarida Sousa CEO

Margarida loves a good laugh and getting things done. Her mind is always undertaking the next best endeavour and conceiving the best ways to bring an idea to life. A doer with a great sense of humor.

She officially started at the company in 2003 at the young age of 21, but, as the 2nd generation, she knew the company since childhood. Margarida gave life to dimpomar’ TDP Warehouse and Production Unit (“Tons de Pedra” brand) and grew within the company over the years. She has the best coach: her father.

You can count on her commitment to persistently elevate the company.

Margarida is Partner of dimpomar.

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Pedro Cabral Sales Manager

Pedro is a family man with a passion for playing padel with friends. In sports, like at work, he is dedicated and self-demanding. He plays to win.

He joined the company as a young 23 year old and gained a great knowledge throughout the years. Clients rely on his experience on sales and material/production possibilities and limitations.

You will often find him checking his email and WhatsApp. Clients know they can always talk to him.

Pedro is our Sales Manager and he is mostly in dimpomar's headquarters and main factory but stays in Tons de Pedra warehouse regularly.

Pedro Cabral Send E-mail
Ricardo Oliveira Sales Assistant

Ricardo will not let a day go by without a series, a video game match, or a family sprint to the movies. His favorite films include the Star Wars saga and La Vita è Bella.

He joined the company in 2008 after 16 years of related experience. His work is methodical, meticulous and effective. Clients can count on him to find the best solution for a given project. Price proposals and customer support are daily responsibilities.

Ricardo is our Sales Assistant, regularly based at the headquarters and main factory in Vila Viçosa.

Ricardo Oliveira Send E-mail
Tomás Cortes Sales Assistant

Tomás, a real "alentejano" , is passionate about football and Japanese culture. 

One day he dreams of traveling through Japan from North to South, traveling to South America, Sri Lanka and much more!

With the company since June 2022, Tomás already feels like a fish in water. He likes the contact with customers, new challenges, going to the factory, touching samples...

As part of the sales team, you can count on Tomás for any matter: he is attentive to detail and always takes the time to listen to you and answer in the best way to your request.

Tomás Cortes Send E-mail
Marta Vasconcelos Sales Assistant (TDP Warehouse)

Marta is about practical, rapidity and straight-forwardness, but always beautiful.
She likes to win, she loves the beach, and delights with chocolate. What a great taste!

She joined the company in 2014 and brought with her a multi-tasked experience in both commercial and operational matters. In the stone business her knowledge comes from a day-to-day contact with many different clients and projects. You can count on her for an upfront opinion.

Marta is Sales Assistant at TDP warehouse - Tons de Pedra.

Marta Vasconcelos Send E-mail
Marcos Capelas Marble Blocks Purchase & Sales

Marcos is from Vila Viçosa, that is, a "Calípole" native. He lives his homeland intensely, he likes politics but also likes cycling and hunting. He would love to travel around the world one day.

He has been linked to the world of stone since he was 20 years old. He has excellent knowledge of quarry extraction and production, in particular the world-renowned Portuguese marble from Vila Viçosa and surrounding areas.

Marcos joined dimpomar in 2004 and is now in charge of the Purchase & Sale of Portuguese marble blocks.

Marcos Capelas Send E-mail
Fábio Belchior Limestone Blocks Purchase & Sales

Fábio is a DIY man, full of ideas and projects. He will ride his bike with no destination, discovering places and people with no established agenda. Someday he would like to get on his car and travel through Europe... maybe some of our friends and clients can show him around?!

Born and raised in the limestone quarry area in Portugal, he entered the company in 2019 and has been accompanying suppliers and clients in the region.

Fábio takes care of our Limestone Blocks Purchase & Sales and is regularly in the quarries area.

Fábio Belchior Send E-mail
Edgar Domingues Imported Stones Purchase

Edgar is a family-man who will play with his kids for hours, no signs of impatience exteriorized!
He is always ready for helping whoever in need of his assistance, from a stock information to a pair of strong arms.

He joined the company in 2010 and daily gains experience on the materials election, selection and importation. At work he is practical and responsible.

Edgar takes care of our Imported Stones Purchase and he is regularly based at TDP warehouse - Tons de Pedra.

Edgar Domingues Send E-mail
Paulo Carraça Production Manager

Paulo appreciates reading a nice book after the always invigorating program of watching his boys play soccer.
He will also enjoy a great hunt and you will find him carrying his camera around - photography is another passion.

He joined the company in 2002. Over the time he gained experience in dealing with the production pressure and managing a big working team with diversified skills and individual personalities.
At work he is perfectionist and self-demanding. Clients can count on his production knowledge and management for the best possible outcome.

Paulo is our Production Manager and he is regularly based at dimpomar's headquarters and main factory in Vila Viçosa.

Paulo Carraça Send E-mail
Luís Geadas Factory Foreman

Luís Geadas is a calm man who likes to go hunting. Otherwise he wouldn't be an Alentejo native for sure, from  Bencatel village to be more precise.

His dream is to go to Warsaw one day and see the Polish History Museum: every Ruivina marble piece that covers this unique monument passed through his hands.

Luís joined dimpomar in 2006 and is one of the factory foremen. You might find him checking slabs or supervising the loading of a truck: he never stops but is always available.

Luís Geadas Send E-mail
Vina Peralta Logistics Department

You will never find Vina with nothing to do. She loves everything about life (except washing the dishes) and keeps healthy to enjoy it properly. She practices all kind of sports and, of course, has a thing for shopping new tennis shoes! 

She entered the company in 1987 as a young woman. She is dedicated because she loves her job and she is recognized because she is good at it. You can count on her for getting things done with speed and joy. 

Vina takes care of our Logistics and she is regularly based in our headquarters at dimpomar (Vila Viçosa).

Vina Peralta Send E-mail
Sérgio Pereira Production Department (TDP Warehouse)

Sérgio, a gifted soccer player, came across his natural talent for the stone business still as a child, while accompanying his father in the factory and at jobsites.

He is an astute working man who loves his profession. His entry in the company dates 2014 and he is known for his self-demanding and methodic operational skills. Everything in order.

Sérgio integrates the Production Department and he is regularly based at TDP warehouse - Tons de Pedra.

Sérgio Pereira Send E-mail
Paula Piteira CFO

What makes Paula happy in her free times? Definitely singing and dancing! Or listen to a good fado (and, who knows, maybe one day to try some chords?) surrounded by good friends.

Paula has been part of dimpomar's team since January 2017 and has an accumulated experience of about 30 years in Accounting.
Committed to her work, you can always count on her enthusiasm and dedication to successfully fulfill deadlines or support any task.

Paula is currently CFO of the company and you will find her at the office headquarters in Vila Viçosa.

Paula Piteira Send E-mail
Mélanie Wolfram Marketing & Communication

Mélanie is a French national born in Germany who lived her whole life in Portugal.

She loves being with her family, going to the beach, painting and above all: dancing! Her dream is to take a trip on the Orient Express one day with her husband and the 3 children.

She joined the company in 2021 after a turnaround in her professional career: she started as a researcher in History and Archeology, then worked as a businesswoman in tourism and later decided to move towards her old passion: marble.

At work, Mélanie is very versatile: she likes to learn from others, to have new challenges and also to be able to develop new ideas.

You can count on her to answer your questions and you can do it in French, German, Portuguese, English and Spanish. If you do it in Italian she will find a way too!

Mélanie Wolfram Send E-mail
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dimpomar focuses in Natural Stone, works for clients satisfaction, and aims for beauty.
We know stone, trade it, discuss availability with quarry-partners, we travel to source, we import, we slab, we do tiles, we cut-to-Size…
From block to cut-to-Size, from quarry to project.

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