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Factory and Production

The art of industrial flexibility & quality superiority.

dimpomar keeps a firm investment in equipment, technology and staff. Our progress is about the ability to persist on these mandatory premises, the adherence to quality and the talent to manage industrial flexibility.

Our factories are fully qualified to excel your project and you are most welcome to visit.

2 monowires & 4 monoblades

At our factory these six machines are definitely blocks first pit-stop for selection. Moreover, they enable us for massif-slabs flexible production and sawn six-side-stone adaptable preparation for ongoing projects.

5 multiblade gang saw

We have five gang-saws for processing elected blocks into slabs. From 1cm thickness & up, this equipment will be working around the clock to feed the finishing and cutting lines as well as our cut-to-size machines.

Slab finishing line

Our Breton slab finishing line will either polish, hone, hammer, sand, brush or bring-forth a combined ground-breaking finish expressly designed for a given project. We know all about different honing levels, we try-out outcomes with different speeds. Machine finishes are just the first station on the journey of possibilities around texturing stone.

Resining and reinforcement station

At our factory we handpick the slabs for net and UV reinforcement. Taking care is a one-man-each-slab job, making sure the resining or netting procedure is thorough. We take pride in opting for first-quality products in the range of resins, glues, mastics and other support resources required at this post.

4-axis automatic CNC cutting machine center

At this working station we are able to cut-to-size each slab with high precision and 3+1 degrees of freedom. The machine incorporates a slab digitalization system that allows the operator to dodge imperfections and improve selection. Cutting measures and shaping formats are automatically uploaded from the production department in the office.

Two 5-axis automatic CNC cutting machine centers

We have 2 automatic CNC machines with 5 interpolated axis for cutting, shaping, profiling, edging and contouring slab-by-slab stones. Also incorporated with a digitalization system, this equipment is the state-of-the-art for cut-to-size projects with added complexity such as curved pieces, rounded segments or profiled edges.

5-axis automatic large CNC cutting machine center

Our 5 interpolated axis automatic CNC is devoted to the fascinating art of taking massif stones and turning them into architectural parts of a given project. And what a great portfolio of beauty we keep on accomplishing! Technology in benefit of the prodigious vision of prescribers throughout the world.

Edge polisher & more

The factory is equipped with an edge polisher (and other finishes) for flat and linear profiles, besides horizontal drip grooves and slots.

Manual stonework center

Our craftsmen professionals are skilled artists. With the help of trivial mechanical tools and the exercise of practiced hands, they finalize magnificent stone pieces and transform them into ready-to-load works of art. From a simple vanity top to the most intricate capitols, thru the art of apparent-massif stones like some of our design washstands accomplished with 45º edges, glue and a mindset for perfection.

4 Pedrini computerized bridge-saw

With 3+1 degrees of liberty – the disk rotates from 0 to 90º – all of the four machines are important supports for our factories’ cutting and profiling requests. The most recent of these machines also enables the use of a milling cutter for rounded stones or segments.

Multi-disc equipment

Our multi-disc is used for the cut of slabs into the stone bands that continuously feed our tile lines. More usual widths are 20cm; 30cm; 30,5cm (12’’x3/8’’); 40,6cm (16’’x3/8’’); and 60cm but our statement on production-flexibility will also ensure your requirements.

Splitter machine

The factory is equipped with a splitter machine that enable us to process thin tiles e.g. 1,2cm thickness from the production of solid 3cm bands, for example.

2 Breton tile processing lines

We have been dedicated to the production of tiles since the company’s origin. Machines will calibrate the thickness, polish (and other finishes), cross-cut the bands into tiles, calibrate on sizes, and bevel if so optioned. Regular standard tile dimensions from 1cm to 2cm are available, as well as specific requests.

Hand selection stations

Stone production is all about selection. At our factory hand selection is standard procedure and every single tile is inspected by hand and packaged accordingly. Our demanding requisites for regular supplies cause that, now and again, we offer “commercial choice tiles stock opportunities”.

Dry-lay and virtual dry-lay

Dry-lay is an every-day reality in the company. We are totally familiarized with dry-lay services and we support virtual dry-lay with photos and related services.

Standard and taylor-made packaging

We have our own carpentry and team of qualified carpenters. We fabricate wooden standard crates, cut-to-size crates and bundles inhouse and we can respond to specific packaging requirements. We also offer some options on styrofoam and cardboard tiles packaging within the crates.

Loading of trucks, containers and groupage

With 40 years of exporting experience and almost 20 on imports from the whole world, we have the knowledge to load any transport equipment efficiently and to ship-out safely.

Site measuring and drawing service

Throughout the years our team has gained vast technical knowledge and experience with on-site detailed measuring, professional drawing and the follow-up production. This service is being consistently offered in Portugal and future will tell where else it leads us.

Special manufacturing processes

Innovation, clients and projects have constantly led us to special manufacturing processes such as the enforcement of ‘Aluminum Honeycomb’ on stones, ‘Stork’ which means stone + cork (and is beautiful besides functional), not to mention the 360º voyage on stones’ natural characteristics themselves: book-matching or diamond-matching, translucency, mechanical properties, and so on.

After Production Comes Beauty

The sense of accomplishment that comes with the conclusion of a project is truly elevated when the photo arrives. The greatest satisfaction of having our factory busy on a project is, indeed, the honor of continuing to participate on each one of the man-made hallmarks throughout the globe: from architectural houses to interior designs, thru facades, shopping centers, sculptures… and so much more.

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