More than 40 years working to be one step ahead

I believe in Work, Commitment and Quality.

Luís de Sousa

Working is about willpower, energy and effort. Taking actual and physical steps to getting things done and make happen.

Commitment is about loyalty to our people:
the workers and their families,
the suppliers and their responsibilities,
the clients and their expectations.

Quality means getting involved. Striving for value along the whole process of fabrication and always aiming for satisfaction.
This is my formula. This is dimpomar.

Luís de Sousa

The new generation

“My way is working hard. My blessing is loving the job.”

I often think: what a great generation to have been born in. Stone has always existed and the beauty of this natural resource soon gave life to a busy business of cutting, finishing and edging. The current initials, like IoT, I4.0, BIM and so on, are real challenges and, at dimpomar we are enthusiastic about this generation’s endless possibilities on the stone lifestyle we have been shaping nature into. Fully committed to dimpomar and our people - always trying to be one step ahead.

Margarida Sousa


dimpomar was born

Our sole concern was the production of 300x150x8mm tiles and keeping the 15188 Telex nr. active. Life was easier…!

Investment for upgrade & production diversification

In these days dimpomar had a 1.350sqm factory including locksmithing and carpentry. 51 workers producing for 4 exporting clients in 3 different countries.

Quarry access

The quarry owner company “Comármore” is established for dimpomar’s provision of Portuguese marble.

Factory expansion and equipment investment

The construction of Pavilion nr. 2 is concluded with new equipment and machinery. dimpomar increases its production capacity and arranges two distinct production areas: standard tiles in Pav. 1 & cut-to-size material at Pav. 2.

The companies’ 1st mobile phone

By November of this year dimpomar acquires its first mobile phone.

Our 1st booth at an international exhibition

dimpomar’s 1st exhibition at Marmomacc, Verona, Italy. Many more to come!

Equipment investments including the 1st bridge-saw CNC machine

Enlargement of Pavilion nr. 2 and new investments in several production equipment including dimpomar’s 1st bridge-saw CNC cutting and profiling machine.

Expansion: a new establishment

With the investment in the “Toca do Lagarto” establishment the company enlarges its stock yard area and production capacity, namely in the preparation of the raw-material arriving from the quarries.

dimpomar’s 1st architectural project

An opportunity towards an important step. We will always honor this moment.

60 more workers than kick-off

By these days dimpomar had 63 company employees. 60 more than kick-off.

Our experience into a new brand and a new establishment

Investments at the Pêro Pinheiro new establishment: warehouse construction & factory installation. dimpomar brought to life the Tons de Pedra TDP brand and began broadening the materials offered by the company.

A Christmas celebration to remember

The team enjoys an amateur musical – “Broadway” - starring dimpomar’s future generation.

Factory expansion & new Breton slab polishing line

Pavilion nr. 4 is built up and takes the “Slab-dedicated-production-division” to a new level. Apart other related investments, dimpomar installed a new Breton slab polishing line on this pavilion.

A Christmas celebration to remember

The 1st all-together-Christmas-celebration took place, precisely at the new pavilion nr. 4, and initiating a new dimpomar tradition.

Expansion: a new establishment

With the investment in the “Calçadinha” establishment the company enlarges its sawing capacity with 2 new gang-saws, as well as 1 monoblade and stock yard area. With a total of 5 gang-saws we were finally sawing all material inhouse.

Our 20th consecutive booth at Marmomacc

20 years anniversary of dimpomar exhibiting @ Marmomacc, Verona, Italy.

Equipment investments: 2 new 5-axes CNC machines

One was not enough. A 5-axes equipment for cutting and shaping slabs & a 5-axes machine investment for cutting and profiling massif pieces.

Solar photovoltaic investment

dimpomar invests in a Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in order to obtain an energy production system for self-consumption.

dimpomar takes solid steps towards Industry 4.0.

The challenge is big but our commitment is bigger.

Equipment investment: yet another 5-axes CNC machine

Persisting on investment is crucial – a new 5-axes CNC equipment arrives.

New mobile responsive website

Soon: Online Stocks!

4Oth anniversary

It was our 40th anniversary and we couldn't be more proud of it!

Our Focus

dimpomar focuses in Natural Stone, works for clients satisfaction, and aims for beauty.

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