Familiar Condo in Estoril – House 2: Bathrooms

Estoril, Portugal

Get familiar with the 3 toilets of this extraordinary apartment.

For the restroom, the choice was for the marble Rosa Perlino. The paving and facing (until 1,2m height) were supplied in the brushed finishing, that results wonderfully in this material. At the edge of the 1,2m height, a polished border of 3cm*3cm caps the walling cut-to-size tiles.

The bathtub-toilet was entirely supplied in the marble Fior di Pesco: floor and walls. The matching of the veins and the natural beauty of this Italian material speak from themselves. The outcome is at sight!

In the shower-toilet two marbles are combined: Rosa Aurora Light and Indian Green. Being an interior division, the predominant material is the Rosa Aurora Light, with the green marble walling the shower area and being applied in the shower-tray, skirting and lavatory-top.

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