Forest Marbles in Fireplace and Restroom

Lisbon, Portugal

Absolutely fabulous!

At the main bathroom the marble Forest Green was combined with Ataíja Cream, a neutral beige-shaded glassy limestone. The mirrors correctly placed create book match effects and give the idea of a larger area. The inlayed lavatory in the same Ataíja Cream stone is made out from 3cm thickness material duly cut, glued, and finished.

The fireplace, in Forest Brown, and the toilet, with wallings in Forest Green, clearly show the potencial of the extraordinary “Forest marbles”.

At the fireplace, the unique image that 2 book matched slabs of Foret Brown could create. Big pieces and warm tones for a perfect combination with the wooden bookshelves.

At another toilet the Thassos White dolomite is used in cut-to-size pieces for the pavement and walls, as well as counter top.

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