Familiar Condo in Estoril - House 4

Estoril, Portugal

The ensuite bathroom also has great contrasts of colours, although it has a different intention. One of the walls and the vanity top achieve a unique and punctual moment and they are conceived in Red Travertine, while the marble Golden Cream balances the strengths and smoothes the atmosphere.
The vanity top comes as a response to the clients’ request “it should look like a block”. Also made of Red Travertine in a thickness of 3cm and conceived to look like an integrant, continued piece, its result was of great satisfaction to the client.

The children’s bathroom results on a perfect conjugation of two marbles: Botticino Classic and Rosso Verona. These two materials achieve a great contrast of tons that allows Rosso Verona the orientation task and Botticino the clarity task. The washbasin has 12cm high front and side aprons with a polished fin along the entire length to stage a perfect collage.

In the guest bathroom, a polished granite called Zimbabwe was used for the pavement, walls and vanity top. The pieces are established and separated 2cm from one and other, making it necessary to polish all the edges of each piece. A surprising result... but it is in the washbasin that the power of imagination and the capacity for execution are surpassed: a unique piece that leans over and fits perfectly into the game of that wall and space. The wash-stand is made of a material of 3cm thickness, and it has a massive appearance, when in fact it is made of 45 degrees cuts and an excellent pastings.

For the kitchen the chosen material was the marble Black Marquina. The big the counter tops created a functional organized kitchen where everything fits and there is plenty of space.
The marble-black pavement and tops, two big horizontal elements, were complemented by a third element also in Black Marquina: the vertical wall uniting the area as one.

In the exteriors we have supplied the Portuguese marble Lioz Abancado in the bush hammered finishing. Non shivering for wetted near-pool-floors and elegant for itself, the material was also chosen for its color shade for it created a very good symbiosis with the pinkish-brick tone paint of the house.

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