Familiar Condo in Estoril - House 1

Estoril, Portugal

Kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace, exteriors... all with our signature.

For the kitchen the choice was Yellow California in the countertops and between-cupboard-walls. The same marble for the floor combined with Thassos White commercial quality in a chess layout. The large kitchen window illuminates this partition and highlights the golden tones of the Yellow California marble.

For the lavabo, something special and different:  on the floor and a lozenge 10*5cm strip in the wall, the marble Forest Brown, with its own veining beautiful structure. On the walls up to 1,2m height and on the vanity top the marble Crema Marfil. The owners chose to plaster the rest of the walls and to decorate with some wall-chandelier for the perfect luminosity.

In the common bathroom, two shades of yellow are permanently in play: Sunny Light is the polished marble base, in large pieces covering the walls and in a complementary strip on the floor. Indus Gold contrasts with the top, central floor mat and memories in stone tablets: bathtub niche and shower walls.

For the main bathroom, suite, the cream marble Galala and Red Travertine in an elegant combination. Note the large top with 2 washbasins, where one of the important ideas received was carried out with excellence: to make it appear massive to the point of "folding in" in the area of ​​the cabinets so that these, later seated back, show a top “whole block” type. In the shower area a shower tray in the same Red Travertine.

In the living room an imponent fireplace and, still, easily combinable with any kind of furniture decoration. Made in Sunny Light, brushed finishing, this fireplace uses the “45º edging technique” for a massive effect when, in reality, the whole piece is done with 2cm thick slab material. The hidden lamps illuminate the small wall recesses full of books and family photos.

Outside, Lioz marble in bush hammered finish. Discover more photographs in the other houses in the condominium.


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