Familiar Condo in Estoril – House 3: Bathrooms

Estoril, Portugal

Get to know the marvelous choices made for the 3 toilets of this apartment. 

In the toilet, a small washbasin in solid Lioz, elegantly designed, playing with walls simply painted in warm, Mediterranean tones.

In the common bathroom, the marble Blue Acquamarina combines with a small pavement in Rosa Aurora Light with cabouchonts of the same blue. The outcome is photographed: a fresh, luminous division, very relax atmosphere…

In the marvelous ensuite bathroom the white of the Rosa Aurora Light marble and the bottle-green of the splendid Tinos Green marble are matched perfectly. The pavement is a chess of both materials and the walls are coated medium height in Tinos Green, climbing up only in the shower area. The shower-base is in the same green. The vanity-top, very elegant, supports a long lavatory with enough room for 2 taps – a good idea!

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