2 Classic Bathing Areas

Montijo, Portugal

In this job we supplied possibilities for a massive lavatory and bullnosed mouldings for the creation of 2 classic tasted environments.

At one of the bathrooms the choice was for the marble Golden Cream, polished, in pavements, walls, mouldings and countertop.
In the non-wet areas the walls were marbled just to half-height and caped with bullnosed mouldings and shelves that grant the perfect passage to the decorative paper-wall applied later on.

For the other bathrooms the Portuguese marble Red Negrais was selected for pavement, walling, shower basin and top and massive lavatory.
Also here the non-wet areas were half-heighted with the marbled terminating in bullnosed pieces that have high decorative classic standards. The massive oval lavatory piece carved from one unique stone is also worthy of an applause note.

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