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With an experience of over 30 years in the sector, an unpaired knowledge of the materials it deals with, and an excellent production capacity, Dimpomar is a reliable company for the regular supply of blocks, slabs and tile.

An important area of Dimpomar's business is, in fact, the supply of blocks of Portuguese raw-material with a special focus on the emerging countries and markets.
Dimpomar's know-how on the subject of marbles and limestones from Portugal has years of ground and insight in the extractive regions, and this is the basis that leads us to being Partners of our clients.
Dimpomar prepares your visit as a client, so that the days that your calendar allows you to make available for Portugal have the worth of the years of our experience.

The supply of slabs has been a constant throughout the years of Dimpomar's existence which, in the slab section, has regular clients with more than 20 years of relation, and new clients arising as the globalization itself.
We produce slabs of all the materials in our catalogue, with competence to supply in the standard thicknesses as 2cm and 3cm, as well as any other thicknesses.
Dimpomar's factory is also prepared for the most varied slab-finishing: honed, polished, bush hammered, brushed, flamed, sandblasted and combed, besides the ability and experience on the back-netting and front-resining whenever such procedures are necessary to the materials.

At the production and supply of tiles the company satisfies the standard dimensions of both the metric-system (cm) and the imperial-system (inches), besides any other cut-to-size formats. At Dimpomar the hand selection occurs at the final production stages of any tile format, and the packing is of first quality.
On the frames below you can obtain a better elucidation on the most common standard dimensions of our tile-production and the general procedures of packing at Dimpomar.

Standard tile production - Metric system

1cm thickness
Calibrated and Bevelled
30,5x30,5 61x30,5
1,3cm thickness
Calibrated Calibrated and Eased Edges
60x30 40x40 60x40 60x60
2cm thickness
Calibrated Calibrated and Eased Edges
60x30 40x40 60x40 50x50 60x60

Standard tile production - Imperial system

3/8'' thickness
Calibrated and Bevelled
12x12 24x12 16x16
1/2'' thickness
Calibrated and Eased Edges
16x16 18x18
3/4'' thickness
Calibrated and Eased Edges

Packaging Procedures

Blocks Supply (4 photos)
Blocks Supply
Slabs Supply (4 photos)
Slabs Supply
Tiles Supply (4 photos)
Tiles Supply
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