Villa in Quinta da Marinha

Cascais, Portugal

On this Project of ours, the client chose to reduce the variety of the materials to apply and to work with just 2 different natural stones on the various areas of the house.

The Ataíja Blue, a national limestone very “glassy” that takes excellent polishing, was applied on the kitchen paving and on the pavement, walls and vanity tops of 2 bathrooms with its own shower-base on the same material.
Ataíja Blue has an unique elegant tonality and is, in the national limestones, the one that presents the lowest absorption levels and, therefore, the most appropriate to wet areas.
The Thassos White Extra, the most white marble/dolomite that Nature allows, was applied on the pavings and vanity tops of all the other bathrooms.
Known throughout the world, White Thassos has been doing acknowledged jobs in the 5 continents and it is stocked and worked at our company on both its Extra and Commercial quality.

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