Polish History Museum

Warsaw, Poland

The Polish History Museum was designed by the WXCA architecture studio. Located in the Warsaw Citadel, the building is a true work of art.
The grey hues of Portuguese Ruivina marble were used on all exterior facades and interior cladding. The six layers of more than 10.000m2 of cut-to-size marble facades hold a thousand years of Polish history carved in Portuguese marble: the darkest to lightest tones of Ruivina were chosen one by one, hand-selected from the quarry to the project.
The facade includes more than 1.000m2 of cut-to-size relief pieces: 11 different and highly complex relief types with different symbologies in reference to the years of history of Polish architecture - accomplished with the company's extensive CNC machinery and experienced craftsmen.
A total of 17,000m2 of natural marble in more than 10 different thicknesses and more than 12 different finishes, combined into 15,000 units of large pieces cut to size (more than 1.2m2/piece) duly referenced and delivered within a demanding deadline of 14 months.



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