Manor in Arraiolos

Arraiolos, Portugal

At the kitchen, the Absolute Black granite made the big countertops. The honed finishing gives a different visual effect than the usual polished, shinny tops, maintaining the black shade and offering a more tinted environment.

For 2 bathrooms the choice was for the marble Perlato Svevo in 60*40cm pieces, floor and walls. The owners of the house appreciated not only the clear tone of this marble, but also the fact that it is a material with life, with veins and character.

In the main bathroom, Botticino Classic Italian marble applied to the floor, shower tray, and some walls, combines with the Noce Travertine, placed on the other prominent walls and top. The result is wonderful and the photographs don't do justice to the atmosphere achieved with this separation of materials on different walls… but they give you an idea!

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