Head Offices of Uría Menéndez

Lisbon, Portugal

Entering these 8-floor offices is a real dive into Black Marquina marble illuminated by Bianco Carrara marble: from the entrance to the bathrooms, through the auditorium and cafeteria, on several floors, the balance in the contrast between these two polished materials is very well done.

The circulation and meeting spaces covered (floors and walls) with Black Marquina marble give an impression of mystery and elegance. The white veins of this material decorate this entire space in a delicate way.

In contrast, the purity of the Bianco Carrara marble in the cafeteria, from the flooring to the solid tops, gives the space a perfect light for a dining area.

The end result is undoubtedly a work of extreme beauty that remains in the memory of those who visit the place.

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