Gorgeous Residence at Praia d'El Rey (Part II)

Praia d'El Rey, Óbidos, Portugal

This house with contemporary features dared to combine the modernity of its lines with various types of natural stone, revealing a great knowledge of finishes: from the timeless Thassos White (Part I), to the modern Black Slate when honed, passing through the Golden Cream marble forced to rustic because it is lined split-face (Part I and Part III).

Black Slate is used in bathrooms but also, as you can see, in the generous masonry composed of lintel, staves and threshold with a 3cm view in matte black slate, contrasting with the surroundings.
For the main bathrooms, Black TP marble was chosen in the polished finish, one of the deepest black marbles that nature can give.

The set is unique, the architect is to be congratulated, and the work carried out by our team was exemplary.

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