Dazzling Bathrooms in Onyx and Marbles

Foz, Oporto, Portugal

This house chose to create a crescendo of emotions in the bathrooms.

The basement floor space is clad in classic and warm Crema Marfil marble in a polished finish. Its soft sand tone recalls the sea coast near this villa.

On the 1st floor, the bathroom, fully tiled in polished Black Marquina marble, has a distinct masculine character. Walls, floor, top and shower base are in this black hue, streaked with white veins and in the polished finish, with the exception of the central carpet at the shower base, which was sandblasted to create a non-slip surface.

The main bathroom takes up black but with a golden vein: an intense batch of Black & Gold marble on the walls contrasts with the immaculate Thassos White on the floor and top. We are suddenly in the first room of a Greek art museum. The visit continues in the social bathroom, which presents us with polished Tinos Green marble (covering), recalling times gone by Classical Antiquity, it also combined with Thassos White marble (floor, top, shower tray).

The explosion of beauty ends in the bathroom on the ground floor in polished Onyx White: a natural art room in which this material is backlit to accentuate the profusion of colors and the translucency of this natural stone. The execution of the washbasin with our "Cubic" design was carried out to perfection by our team.

A sum of emotions, an ode to beautiful decorative marbles.

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