5 Areas at Condominium Malveira-Guincho

Sintra, Portugal

Gorgeous interiors in marbles and granites of ours, matching the splendid external location of this complex.

In the ensuite restroom all the facings are in Black Marquina marble. The vanity-top, also in Black Marquina, has a frontal view of 12cm height that unites to the top with a polished “alheta”-detail.

The two bathrooms in Emperador Dark marble, with a big shower area walled in this material, combine with the existing creamish marble.

For the restroom the walls were supplied in cut-to-size Indian Green marble. The vanity-top, in the same material, is made out from a massive piece with very interesting curved design details.

In the kitchen: pavement in Crema Marfil marble with cabouchonts in Zimbabwe granite, the same material used for the countertops and between furniture, thus creating a very harmonious kitchen with a well-chosen conjugation of materials. Everything in the polished finishing.

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